No, that headline doesn't refer to the wire services so loathed by Craggs. The Woods family wrote a note of apology to their daughter's daycare classmates.

It's been a rough time for Tiger. The world's second most famous Buddhist says he'd never heard of the most famous one. Now he's got to come crawling on his hands and knees — because that's how short they are — and beg forgiveness from Premier Academy and his 2-year-old daughter's classmates for the media storm they've been caught up in.

I do feel bad for the kids and their parents who might be caught in the crossfire of the paparazzi and a potential shot of Tiger or Elin. But not too bad. They've got a feeding frenzy of media willing to pay them big time for any shots their kid might get with his or her Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera.

Tiger And Elin Apologize To Daycare Parents [WFTV]