Twitter was invented for people like Ozzie, whose brains are relatively unfiltered in the first place. And while he hasn't done anything wrong yet, White Sox management are understandably nervous.

As one wag said, "I'm unfollowing everyone else so I can best focus on Ozzie's Twitter." It's just that good. Some gems:

•"what I saw on the field today was a lot of grass..."

•"3 day of Spring Training and im already boreddddddd"

•"Thanks a lot for the support i like it the twitter....."

The fractured syntax and ADD attention span are just so Ozzie. Also Ozzie: saying things he shouldn't. That's why GM Ken Williams had a little chat with Guillen this morning, who was reportedly upset that his manager had found another way to take the focus off of actual baseball.

No comment ... and make sure you write that it is a no comment with a head shake from side to side," Williams said.

Ozzie doesn't get the fuss, though.

I guess I can't have fun," Guillen said. "I flunked in school five times, and I never had as much trouble as I'm having right now. Why do I have to explain to people why I'm doing this? Like I said, I talked to Kenny about it, it's not anything that involves the club."

And, playing the token role of the clueless old man, Lou Pinella had to chime in.

"What is Twitter? Piniella asked. After being informed of how it works, Piniella added: "Ozzie ... he needs more space than that."

But don't expect the veteran manager to jump in on social networking.

"First of all, I don't know how to Twitter. Second of all, I'm not going to learn how to Twitter. Look, I've heard of Facebook. Actually, it's on my phone; I see it once in a while," Piniella said.


Love it. Love these spring training mini controversies, when the players, managers and especially media have way too much time on their hands. And if Ozzie discovers Tumblr, we're all doomed.

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