Yeah, this is bad. Aaron Ramsey's right ankle pretty much disintegrates right before your eyes after being taken out by "X-rated Ryan Shawcross" whatever that means.

And to add to the spooky factor, the same thing happened to Arsene's Eduardo two years ago almost on the very same day, which still haunts people's dreams. Arsenal should maybe stop playing during the last week of February from now on because two players with broken legs near the same day is just too many and too freaky in that 1408-type of way.

That was a short, uninspired day, but that's what you get during the last weekend in February. It'll pick up soon, because if we don't, we'll all be out of a job soon and end up working for the Village Voice. They treat weekends seriously around here from now on. No more posting between naps and eating a Di Parma sandwich the size of a scuba tank.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Barry will be here tomorrow to boost the post count.

Be well, non-believers.