Because it's Friday and this has been one of the lamest weeks in recent memory, why not resurrect everyone's favorite clothing-based photo gallery feature, a.k.a., people who wasted a lot of money on ideas they didn't fully think through.

Football season was fertile ground for folks who think the NFL Shop is their own personal Night at the Improv, but it remains to be seen if our nation's baseball stadiums will prove to be quite so lucrative. Keep your eyes peeled as the summer progresses and be sure to send us more customized jersey madness. Again, we don't care if some guy got drunk and picked up a Buddy Biancalana throwback. We're looking for the truly custom and truly horrible. And also guys who like to put tape on things.

Mail submissions here with the subject "custom jerseys" and check out the earlier rounds as well.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

"Twelth Man"? Isn't that the guy they found buried in a peat bog with a fossilized beer koozie in his hand? [Submitted by Tim R.]

Good thing the boss doesn't watch Monday Night Football ... oh, crap. [Submitted by Tom L.]

Fine, but only if we agree to smash imperialism. [Submitted by Rael]

You want to know what's funny about this picture? It's not that it's a German dude with a ponytail who calls himself Bronco Billy. It's that this picture was taken at the Vatican. Seriously. Check and mate. [Submitted by Rob N.]

Probably just really, really likes mid-period Dave Matthews Band. [Submitted by Nick M.]

You know, not every pimp is willing to incorporate duct tape into their wardrobe. A little over the top, if you ask me. [Submitted by Alex C.]

Notice that he's in the same section as our old friend "Deathfromabove" but that they aren't sitting together. Oh, I definitely want to party with this section. [Submitted by Steven L.]

I thought we agreed to hold it? [Submitted by Ray S.]

Truth in advertising, Part 78. [Submitted by Jim K.]

Did they not have room for Gary Fencik? [Submitted by Alex C.]

What do you know about pressure? [Submitted by Jacob D.]

You might have to ask your tailor to lengthen that a little bit. [Submitted by Flynn]

This makes more sense if you're a Ranger fan. Or if you're addicted to Adderall. [Submitted by John O.]

They know how to turn an 11 into a four, but not how to spell their hero's name. Probably should have just let Longwell kick it. [Submitted by Ryan B.]

So you're in favor of Xing out all peckers? Seems a little extreme. [Submitted by Good Newz Kennelz]

You know what? She really is as free as a bird. [Submitted by Zachary W.]

It's too bad that Jim's agent couldn't negotiate for him to get a new shirt. (P.S. No more toilet pictures. Let the man pee in peace. [Submitted by Jeff P.]