The world's greatest undrafted free agent held his first "official" autograph signing last weekend and since he's no longer an amateur, his signature will now cost you a pretty penny. Or $160 if you want to get technical about it.

Nearly 1,500 people lined up for hours to shake hands with a legend and get his Tim Tebow* on some tacky souvenirs. Fortunately, they were in a mall so the waiting throngs were able to sustain themselves on Chick-Fil-A and Hot Topic shirts. Then The Man arrived and fans plunked down just about what it would cost for them and a friend to attend a Jacksonville Jaguars game just to meet him. (Photos were $75 extra.) Perhaps we need to re-examine this idea that a backup quarterback with questionable accuracy could save a dying franchise.


If a guy can get this much attention for an autograph signing, imagine what would happen if he actually appeared in a football game. Granted, this probably only applies to Northern Florida, but the economic benefits may be much greater than we ever anticipated. Or, alternatively, President Obama appoints him to a cabinet position, we stick him in a booth in front of the Korean War Memorial and taxpayers drop $150 a shot (discount!) to touch his elbow. Can you feel the stimulus?

Oh, and "a portion" of the proceeds went to Tebow's new charity, the "Put Me On A Plane To The Philippines As Soon As My NFL Career Flames Out" Fund. I think the rest of it went to his inspirational wristband budget.

Hometown still crazy for Tim Tebow [Florida Times-Union, via PFT]

(*Signatures are no longer called "John Hancock"s. You now put your "Tebow" on contracts.)