Yes, yes — I know. Those of you reading this on RSS will probably only get a portion of this message and it will leave you wondering, "Hey, what the crap happened to the full Deadspin feed, those greedy basta..."


But I'm told that if you go to another location, your life will be easier and you will be less angry. Here:


Perhaps. If that doesn't work, please continue to email your complaints and all the nasty messages you'd like me to relay to Mr. Denton right here:

So far I've been asked to tell him to "fuck off!," "fuck himself sideways," "die in a houseboat fire" so please be more creative from here on out.

I'll see what I can do to make you happy.

And thanks to reader Macon G. for the first ever telestrator vagina captured in the wild.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. If you no longer support Deadspin, thanks for your previous support. If you did not read this post because it did not show up on your RSS feed, then I'm just talking to all those felled trees in the forest of eternity. Hello felled trees.


And my vacation was great, thanks for asking. I'll be here with the Davespintern posting late night stuff sporadically.