His financial empire in ruins, can we begrudge Lenny Dykstra his desire for a blow job? Yes we can, when he wants it from his personal assistant, and it's entirely non-consensual.

When we last checked in with Lenny Dykstra, he was broke, pathetic and desperate. He's still all of those things, but now he's got a sexual harassment lawsuit to go with them. His former estate manager/personal assistant is seeking damages for an incident last May, in which Nails got a little gropey-feely.


Jacqueline Massaro was enjoying her day off, when Dykstra called her and demanded she meet him at his house. She drove three hours(!) up from San Diego, arriving after midnight. No Dykstra in sight. Finally he returned home, and that's when the party began.

After Plaintiff replied to Dykstra saying that it was nearly one o'clock in the morning, what could he possibly want her to do, he yelled at Plaintiff and told her to get the "fuck out of my house, it's not going to work out, just leave." Plaintiff responded that she had just driven for three hours on what was supposed to be her day off to get to his house when he had called and said she was needed immediately, and now he wanted her to leave. Dykstra responded that he didn't feel sorry for her, and again, told her to get the fuck out.

Plaintiff then went to her room to pack her belongings to leave as Dykstra had demanded. Dykstra came into the room and said to Plaintiff, "so, you have nowhere to go, give me a blow job and you can stay the night." Plaintiff responded that she was leaving and how dare he disrespect her like that. Dykstra then proceeded to put his hands on Plaintiff's breasts while trying to push her onto the bed. Plaintiff began to scream, got away from Dykstra, ran out of the house and drove away.

Massaro is seeking unspecified damages, but to add insult to injury, she's suing him in bankruptcy court. That's because she knows that he no longer has any money to take.

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