Ah, the good old days when the creeping menace of seat licenses were only confined to actual sporting events. Not anymore, thanks to Jerry Remy's new sports bar, and its $500 season passes.

Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill opens up next week, and the NESN broadcaster figures it'll be the hot spot for that sad type of human who likes to go to the ballpark on game day, but not actually inside it.


To that end, the season passes. For just $500, it gets you a guaranteed seat, a $25 food credit for each visit, and an autographed photo of Remy at your table.

This $500 season-ticket package can deliver an experience as close to an actual season ticketholder as possible, at a fraction of the price,'' [manager Don] Bailey said.

In that you're still watching the game on TV, I'd rephrase that as "delivering an experience as close to staying home as possible, at many times the price."


Absurdly, there are two packages, one that'll get you into the bar for home games, and one for road games, but not both. There's also packages for the Patriots ($350) and Celtics ($250), neither of which benefit from the bar being across the street from Fenway.

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(Photo via Flickr)