In which we examine the occasionally controversial wardrobe choices on everyone's favorite morning serial. In this installment, Doug Gottlieb.

Really, Doug? It's March. Workers across the country are calling in sick to watch wall-to-wall college basketball coverage. To watch you. And that's what you're going to wear when you're telling me what a Big East Tournament win really means?


You're a mess, Doug. Did you crack under the pressure? Calm down, sir. You're not bad at your job. You don't need a gimmick. You don't need to be Lunardi. The suit? It looks like you saw a Tom Wolfe book jacket photo but weren't wearing your contacts. If you go this route, you need to commit. Like this guy:

The ensemble would be fine if it weren't for that tie. You're getting too flashy. Head to the nearest Bristol shopping center and get yourself a solid color tie, pronto. Short on cash? Just swipe Sage Steele's debit card.

And no bow ties, please.

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