So Tiger has reportedly hired the former Bush spokesman to repair his image and help plot his return to golf, which could come March 25 at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. This isn't about the quality of Fleischer's work, we're told.

According to a shadowy person friendly with this site, Fleischer wasn't hired because he's great at his job:

I called some PGA folks. Was a very odd situation there. [Tiger] used - until this moment - his internal guy, who used to be at the Masters. Not surprising that Ari got it. It doesn't mean that he's actually being paid though. Ari hasn't been able to really build any type of business since he started, and that's despite the fact that his partner is IMG. Only reason he got Tiger is because IMG reps him. Tiger has still failed to bring someone in who isn't beholden to IMG. Sucks for him.

I don't know — it could not suck. Think of what Fleischer did for some of his other publicly pilloried clients: Mark McGwire and the BCS. Everybody loves them again, right?

Tiger Woods will be back in two weeks [New York Post]