It's been a while since we've had a quality bustin' incident featured here, but thankfully the heartless marketing team of the Colorado Mammoth's professional lacrosse organization recently let the mighty sheep embarrass some over-matched tots during halftime. Mutton victorious.

Try as they might to hold on to she sheep's neck for dear life, these buckaroos were (again) tossed like fleas off a greyhound by the Mammoth mutton. It always amazed me that there seems to be little interest from PETA-like organizations about these events but apparently Bentern sat on an anti-mutton email for months now that went like this:

Dear Mr. Cohen:

You think this is acceptable treatment of animals? And kids? (See esp. the first photo, where the sheep's head is buried in the dirt.) What's the message we're sending to impressionable young children about kindness to animals? (Not to mention insensitive adults.)


I know of a child knocked into a three-day coma in this stupid event. It's only a matter of time before a kid gets a hoof in the eye. The sheep are terrified, as are quite often the children, forced to play "Daddy's Little Man." Frankly, I think the parents should be cited for child endangerment.

And where's the religious community on this? As I recall, Jesus had more than a few kind words about lambs....


Maybe they could use pit bulls instead, to liven things up. And what's the point, pray? This is NOT a sanctioned rodeo event, most of which is bogus from the get-go, and condemned by EVERY major animal welfare organization in the country.

Please post this. I'd love to get some correspondence going.

Eric Mills, coordinator
Oakland, CA


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