In addition to filling our heads with smut, NASCAR has races, cars, drivers and related products-let's take a look

There's a big race in Talledega today, how big? Well big enough that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has shaved his beard. Sad-I really liked the weirdo look he was cultivating. He kind of looks like Bill Murray.

Earnhardt hasn't won at Talledega since 2004, and he's 0 for his last 65 races. In NASCAR, like in life, that is considered bad. The big race starts at 1:00 pm Eastern, on FOX.


But all is not lost for Dale Jr. He's got a GPS device.

This baby features turn-by-turn navigation with commentary provided by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and you can choose the AMP Energy‚ĄĘ car, the National Guard‚ĄĘ car or the Team Hauler as the GPS pointer-which will make your commute to work all the more depressing.


Junior Starting to Roll Again [ESPN]

Thanks to alert reader Khalil for the pic.