So, either your letters have been answered or you're Wes Anderson: How do you navigate the minefield of social norms and potential faux pas and handle dinner with Bill Murray? New York Magazine's Jada Yuan lays it all out.

Bill Murray is an enigmatic figure, and from his abject distaste for all things Ghostbusters, to his mysterious late-night adventures, to his bizarre television appearances, it's not clear if he's really weird or just flippant. So, of course, a dinner with him is probably the most awesome thing ever. Is it at all surprising that he's ridiculously polite, remembers names, and has impeccable manners? Also:

He will compliment the chefs by smacking his lips and crying out in mock ecstasy. If roasted duck is involved, he will beat his chest.

Go read the rest of the list. It'll make you either adore Dr. Venkman all the more or want to spit in his black-currant chutney that is simply divine.

Dinner With Bill Murray: A Party Reporter's Guide [New York]