Two-plus years ago, Squatch, ex-Seattle Supersonics mascot, pulled off the same stunt that has made Bango the Buck a minor celebrity — off an even-higher ladder. It's so like Seattle to point out they've been doing something longer.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Gerry Spratt reminded his readers of this today. It's clear Squatch's is the more impressive stunt. Even his "I Did It, I'm Alive" celebration is better. He does the splits. But that's just my opinion. It's like "Violent Femmes vs. Mudhoney" all over again. You can't go wrong.

Additional comedy is found when Spratt makes this joke: "No word on whether Rumble the Buffalo, the mascot of the Oklahoma City Thunder, will attempt a more spectacular trick or just steal Squatch's dunk from Seattle." Rumble already attempted the stunt but failed miserably.


The real question is whether or not Rumble and Squatch are the same person. Moreover, is that how things work? Do mascots move with the teams to their new homes, like the Baltimore Colts' office supplies? Or are they left behind in their forgotten cities, cursed to forever roam the land as furry memento mori? They probably just go work at Six Flags.

Bango the Buck has nothing on Squatch [Seattle P-I]


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