Readers Seth & Jen watched that wonderful Notre Dame promo and thought they recognized those Midwestern-sports-funk stylings from the video you see here, a celebration of Reds fandom.

Here are the emails Seth & Jen sent:

This is a dude who calls himself Freekbass. He's from Cincinnati and is kind of a big deal locally here. He's produced by the legendary Bootsy Collins. The DJ in the video is DJ Logic, we think.

Freekbass. Of course.

Correction…that is not DJ Logic

If it's not DJ Logic, then who is the fire-spitter with whom Freekbass works, you ask? Why, it's none other than Tobotius. They have a Myspace page together and everything. If you like, you can even follow Freekbass and Tobotius on Twitter.


Social media experts though they may be, what are we supposed to take away from this? Is this what they do? Or are Freekbass and Tobotius actually "good" and just take (presumably) paid gigs from big organizations to support their bass-slappin', turntable-spinnin' lifestyle? You know what to do.