Many, many, many of you submitted your artwork to the Kobe Bryant photoshop post's comments and in emails. Keep 'em coming, and I'll update here accordingly.

This one started off the madness, and we applaud it for being quite clever. But oh, how you outdid yourselves.

Inspired by this classic National Geographic cover, I Party With Smoot may very well have won first prize. Were we giving away prizes. Commenter apd09 had a similar idea, which you can see here and here.

A reader named Joel sent along this one saying:

I know other people already did their try at the National Geographic cover, but I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. I think it's better than the ones I've seen so far.

Bold words, but I'll let the public decide.

Reader Dan sent along this one, a tribute to Mad TV as well as Sammy Sosa.

Let this be a lesson to all the unapproved commenters. 216by773 posted this, was approved and is now four '80s-metal-cover Photoshops away from a star.

With Ferentz Like These... added this to the thread, among others. But is it as good as this?

Mad_N decided that Zoolander was the best theme for his entry.

As Kobe is not the master of the universe, this entry, found on a message board via a tip from reader William, is especially poignant.

We like The Wire around here, so an Omar-Brother Muzone PS job is guaranteed to get noticed. Thank you, Smell_My_Mule.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Yeah, I don't get this one.

I shudder to think of Kobe getting lost in the rhythm of the night and thus forgetting about the worries on his mind.

Kobe reminds me more of Nash Bridges in that he is not cool. Also, that allows for a much easier Artest as Cheech Marin analogy. Either way, this one was good.

Reader Matt's submission makes me wonder when Kobe is going to start making bad movies, putting on too much weight, and having sex with Gilbert Arenas' fiancée.

#nightmarefuel courtesy of ArvidasTrombonis.

Tougher task: Helping the poor of Calcutta or being on a team that pays DJ Mbenga?

The grazzy, starry bratchny sure basketball. H/T Matthew.

Commenter urabl added this winner to the pile.

I Party With Smoot has fired back:

Tell Joel to sit this one out before he hurts himself.

Is this Chappelle's Show reference going to ignite a Photoshop fight? I hope so.

It wouldn't be the internet without comparing a Spanish person to a monkey. H/T mgoodbar.

Where is the tenderness indeed. As exceptional as this is, everyone knows Ranking Roger looked more like Randy Moss. H/T Matt.

The Sports Geeks came up with this one.

Dandy Koufax's MS Paint submission is humorous enough to make the cut.

With Ferentz Like These... again.

A Princess Di joke that isn't tasteless? Call Ripley's.

There's a metaphor in there somewhere.


Men in dresses are always funny, though I would have preferred a Columbia-Tristar gag with Pegasus. H/T Ron.

There were a good amount of 300 ones, but so far this has been the best one. Feel free to unseat it with Kobe as the elephant or the underwater naked thing. H/T Michael.

No comment necessary.

Bobe Bryantchek?

Technically, the Zen BS supplied by Wilson would be better served with a Phil Jackson Photoshop, but we'll allow it.

Back to the Future, Kobe. H/T Kyle.

Elwood Bryant, fresh off going through the Jazz like a police cruiser in Dixie Square Mall.