Before we go any further, can we all agree that this is just a little bit creepy? The tributes are nice, but I would prefer not to remember Ernie Harwell via cellphone pictures of him basking in the Detroit sun.

I sort of get the impulse behind public viewings of honored dead, but a sidewalk in front of Comerica Park is not exactly hallowed ground. I think the flag that the Tigers raised in honor of Harwell before tonight's game against the Yankees, was just as moving (and tasteful) while also being slightly less haunting. In all honesty, I never really listened to the Tigers on the radio that much, but perhaps this is a telling reminder of sound's ability to trump visuals. A old boom box might have been more fitting.


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We've got a couple hockey games, some NBA sweeps and a smattering of baseball. Dive right in and let us know what you're seeing.

[Photo: AP]

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