This morning, on ESPN's popular variety program First Take, TV personality Maria Menounos, speaking to Jay Crawford, said that she enjoyed live-Tweeting NBA games because she got to engage in "shit talking" with her followers. The Twitterverse went to DEFCON-2. A timeline.

Things started off innocently enough. Menounos Tweeted about her excitement before she going on the show.

The robot/intern operating the First Take Twitter account playfully responded.

Well, before they could indeed talk about NBA fashion. Menounos decided to go Col. Kurtz on the conversation and use profanity — shocking Jay Crawford into silence. Does Menounos not realize what she just said? How can she possibly continue without issuing an immediate mea culpa and receiving the customary 30 lashes from Norby? (Video via Bob's Blitz)

As with the Hudson River emergency landing, it was Twitter users who were on top of the story from the get-go.

Of course, they were thinking what we all were thinking.

ESPN's Mike Hill tried to put out the fire but wound up doing some tsk-tsking of his own.

He even spoke to Crawford directly to reassure him that, like Will Hunting before him, it was not his fault.

Crawford responded to Hill.

Then, to clarify for the many, many people who aren't following Mike Hill, Crawford confirmed the news.

Another Twitter user, and possibly Menounos' publicist, tried to spin the whole fiasco positively.

Crawford could neither confirm nor deny that rumor.

Finally, a new subject was broached.

And the whole imbroglio was on its way to being forgotten.