Alissa Walker over at Fast Company brings us news today of an intriguing development in train travel and degeneracy. Click through to read.

We told you a few weeks ago about the DesertXPress, a high-speed train connecting Vegas to not-quite-Los Angeles that plans to be fully operational by 2014. Well, friends, today we have news of the X Train (turn down your sound and close your eyes before clicking that link) yet another train that is not only laying faster claim to the L.A.-to-Vegas route, they've also got the psychedelic carpets to own it.

A visit to the X Train's Web site—a site so true to form it will, like Vegas, take years off your life—explains that their train will be up and running by 2011, thanks to its plan to use converted railcars and existing right-of-ways. It will be a bit slower than those hyped high-speed trains (about 5.5 hours) but you can gamble! Renderings from architects at Vegas-based Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto show bars, sports lounges, more bars, gaming rooms, and bars. All while you're going to Vegas!

But as Core77 points out, some of it really is too good to be true. This "rendering" featured on the site is actually a real photo from the Blue Train, South Africa's luxury liner on wheels. The old bait-and-switch, eh? It's amazing: They're creating an authentic Vegas experience right from the get-go.

[X Train]

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