Deadspin's best frenemy and best-selling author is, in fact, the man behind the infamous Buzz Bissinger Twitter account, which has been littered with highly entertaining, vituperative tweet spats .

Some of the piss-shitting carnage includes:

"Douchejuice." +1,000 for that. But Buzz is aware how all this comes off. He can't control himself sometimes ( I can sympathize) but he's been admittedly more ornery these days and Twitter's proved to be a good way to punch out some anger. In an email to us he writes:


"Let's face it. Control is not my strong suit. I think that's pretty clear by now. Not interested in control.
I go thru Twitter frenzies and this was one of those days. Plus I had a wicked hangover...[I]n an effort to force your legions to actually be clever, I concede the following: I am short, I am ugly, I am old and bitter. But at the age of 90 I will still write and report better than any of them."

Gauntlet thrown down. But be nice to him, if possible. Especially if you're a budding writer, he can be enormously generous when he wants to be and will help you if he can. You just won't like him when he's angry.



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