Yesterday was the 17th anniversary of Jose Canseco taking a Carlos Martinez fly ball off the noggin for a home run. It was also the first anniversary of his MMA debut. Both are indelible moments in failuredom. Let's examine some Kanseco Klassics.

Quite possibly the most famous of bloopers in all of blooperdom. It's funny because he's a blockhead. Or something.

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Jose's MMA debut fight against the wonderfully named Hong Man Choi was slightly heralded, and the fight itself managed not to live up to even those low expectations.

Jose, doing a capable Maori tribesman impression, boxed notable coot Danny Bonaduce, taking it to the wire in a majority draw.


Who can forget Jose's heartbreaking press conference to gloat about the Manny Ramirez steroids thing — an event made all the more poignant given that he had been arrested in 2008 for smuggling the exact same fertility drug?


Jose has jumped on the social media bandwagon with a thoroughly enjoyable Twitter account that mostly addresses unseen and unheard critics and "haters." This pearl of wisdom lead to Walk Off Walk's Rob Iracane tweeting in response: "Someone get Jose a special dialing wand" with a link to this classic clip from The Simpsons.

After we published Pat Jordan's musings on the former Bash Brother, Jose and Pat got into a bit of a tiff on the Howard Stern space-aged radio program.


How about the time a lovelorn Canseco feuded with Alex Rodriguez? The best part, of course, is Jose bragging about the square footage of his home gym.