Everyone was fighting back tears when Landon Donovan blew a kiss to "Bianca" following the biggest moment of his life. Well, that moment may have brought him and Bianca‚ÄĒhis estranged wife‚ÄĒback together. Grab your hankies again.

Although Bianca Kajlich is known around these parts as Donovan's ex-wife, Landon surprisingly informed Yahoo Sports yesterday that the pair were never officially divorced. In fact, the two have remained in close contact and "had an emotional telephone conversation in the early hours of Thursday morning"‚ÄĒjust hours after he blew the world's mind with his fleet-footed heroics. Pick-up opportunities don't get much bigger than "I just scored a World Cup game-winning goal. Let's make out." Well played, my friend.

A unidentified pal of Kajlich says "it would surprise no one" if the couple re-united soon, so if she's not on a plane to South Africa right now then call Nicholas Sparks, because I don't know how to end this movie.


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