We deputized AnimalNY's Bucky Turco to document the goings-on in Coney Island yesterday. This is what he came back with. ("Sorry, just woke up," he writes.)

We can confirm that, yes, people go to this. It's crowded, sweaty and altogether unpleasant. But it could be worse.

Okay, now it couldn't be worse.

Does this make things better? I don't know. Wait, is this even from Nathan's, or was this just left on Bucky's camera from the night before?

"I'd spring for a hot dog, but I'm a little short." I don't know if he used that line, but he should have.

A pile of hot dogs before the gorging. Yes, those are flies.

Gurgitators, commence! It's exactly as interesting to watch in person as on TV.

Eventual winner Joey Chestnut looking dangerously close to barfing.

Is that barf? That looks like barf.

Yup, Barf. And a human hand.

Kobayashi protesting in the crowd.

Kobayashi preparing to jump on stage, and then this happened.

Crashtern wondering why we made him do this.

Yes, they're going to do it all over again next year. With or without Kobayashi.