In Lew Perkins' defense, he does look like big smooth bird who just gets what Orville and Wilbur were going for.

University of Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins charged the athletic department more than $150,000 from July 2008 to May 2010 for 22 flights on university-owned and leased planes, according to a review of Perkins' travel vouchers by The Kansas City Star. That figure does not include 23 other private flights Perkins took in that time - seven on boosters' planes, four cited on Perkins' vouchers without a cost and 12 that were reported on the expense reports of other KU staffers who joined Perkins on a trip.

"In my world, time is very important," Perkins told The Star. "I consider my time very valuable. That's one of the reasons why we have planes, to help us get places quicker." []