All is not well with our favorite foul ball dodging star-cross'd lovers, Bo and Sara. We've got allegations of infidelity, and the threat of dropping nude photos. Join us, on As The Bo Turns.

We knew that Bo Wyble and Sara Saco-Vertiz were no longer an item, thanks to the most awkward of questions from "Early Show" anchor Harry Smith. But until now, we only knew that it "wasn't because of the ball."

Our Facebook operatives (whose names we'll keep secret so as not to compromise their mission) have been sending us screengrabs of the epic war of words Bo and Sara are waging on their Facebook walls. It's not pretty.


We start with Bo calling Sara a "stupid slut," assailing her chastity, and threatening to post "naked pictures and video" of her. (Click to enlarge.)

UPDATE: Oh look, Sara beat him to the punch by releasing a number of her own semi-nude photos.

Heartbreaking, heartbreaking stuff. And trust me when I tell you kids, EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU'RE 18 IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER.


And for those of you writing pissy emails saying we shouldn't be blowing up teenagers' spots, let me refer you to Strunk & White, who clearly state that when you do a shitty morning show, your personal lives are fair game.