It's apparently Patrick Kane week here at Deadspin. So please accept this dump of assorted drunken sightings of the Blackhawks hero tooling around with Jimmy Buffett, rocking the flat-brimmed Reds cap, and getting "iced."

On Saturday, Kane took the cup onstage with Jimmy Buffett (yes, that's a beach ball sitting in it). Damage: one margarita, one lost shaker of salt.

Kaner brings the cup to a Buffalo pizzeria, fills it with blue cheese dip for wings. Yes, really. Damage: I dunno, some beer probably.

The Cup hops a ride on a party bus in Buffalo. Damage: whatever people drink on party buses.


At an unidentified bar earlier this month. Damage: one bottle of Jack.

From the same bar, this time with a Cincinnati Reds cap. Damage: contents of one red plastic cup, one pitstain.

Kane getting "iced" by a bro at Chicago's Sluggers bar. Damage: one Smirnoff Ice.


Visiting kids at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. Hopefully sober. Damage: one warmed heart.