Here's a poor soul who walked into their apartment one morning to find a stranger there. Jarring, right? But it's so random and weird that...well just read it.


I get back to my apt this morn at 915 and find the door slightly ajar. worried that someone broke in i slowly open the door and go inside only to find and elderly hispanic woman asleep in our big white chair in the living room.

I say excuse me hello.. but she doesnt respond or react at which point im totally skeeved out and leave the apt. After a few min i regroup and go back in and scream EXCUSE ME! HELLO?? still no response so i go tell the doorman who recommends calling the cops. As im waiting for the cops a girl comes to the lobby looking for grandma. I take the girl to my apt and right when she walks in she says abuela (grandma) in a normal tone to which the woman immediately opens her eyes and starts talking to her. the woman still wouldnt leave and the girl had to sit with her for 10 minutes before taking her away. (they live on the 6th floor).

Oh and she left a clove of garlic on our ottoman.


Please find pic attached.


That apartment is haunted with some weird Spanish vampire spirit. GET. OUT.

(H/T DK.)