Barbara Claire, from Waterford, Connecticut...come the fuck on down! Barbara's winning comment below.

Top 10 Reasons AJ should pick me:

10. I live within driving distance of NYC.
9. I'll be your designated driver if you want.
8. I'm a grandmother AND a Deadspin fan. How many of those ya got?
... 7. The aforementioned grandson will think I'm way cool.
6. I have a long history of rooting for the other team at Yankee Stadium.
5. I'll tell you about the time we saw Bob Dylan's penis.
4. I just had rotator cuff surgery so I can relate to Alan Horne.
3. I was the one who told Vickl Fulkerson about the Garrett Broshuis post.
2. I won't be disappointed if Olbermann doesn't show.
1. I watched that entire clip of you and Pedro Martinez in at the Empire State Building.

She had me at grandmother.

So see what happens when you join Deadspin's Facebook page? Dreams happen.

Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin and to the other 160 or so people who also took the time to comment and join the FB group. I'm gonna do some push-ups on the floor here and get myself ready for my afternoon with Babs.