Today Ochocinco Tweeted a picture of himself wearing a dick towel. So why did he refuse to be associated with one at the Super Bowl?


We heard from reader Gabe, who takes umbrage with Ochocinco posing happily in the novelty bathware.

I'm calling BS on Ocho. I tried to get him to sign my d-towel back in February at the Super Bowl. He looked at me like 1.) what is that thing and 2.) no way would I be caught dead associated with one. I asked politely and he said, "get that thing out of here" and then pointed shaking his head repeating the word "NO" in astonishment.

The man is unoriginal.


Why would Ochocinco be so horrified back in February, but co-opt and own the look this morning? Clearly, comparing the two towels, the only possible reason is racism.