Facebook contest winner Babs Claire has returned from her very special afternoon with Daulerio at Yankee Stadium. Her account, after the jump.

So. Grandma Babs here. Tommy asked me to report on my once-in-a-lifetime visit to Yankee Stadium with AJ. It was hot. Very hot. We had field level seats just past third base. We drank beer. It was a blowout, but at least there was lots of action. AJ told me some great Deadspin secrets but I promised to take them to my grave. He was also kind enough to invite me to come back to the Gawker offices. Nick Denton is really tall. I was asked to model the female version of the Chad Ochocinco towel. I'm sure you're impressed! Thanks AJ and Deadspin for a great day. Can we go to happy hour now?

Titty Towel courtesy titty-towel.com

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