In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like Jamie McCourt, recent divorcee and current possessor of Frank McCourt's balls in the batshit divorce case that gets batshittier by the day.

The power plays between Jamie and Frank McCourt have been well-documented. He fired her unceremoniously; she sent her new boyfriend to Taiwan with some Dodgers memorabilia and a plan to meet politicians. Now the situation has arrived at its most Grishamian point: According to her lawyers, Frank falsified documents that gave him Jamie's stake in the Dodgers in the event of a divorce.

Some background: In 2004, when the couple was married, they signed separate marital property agreements for California and Massachusetts. Both sides agreed on the particulars. Then Frank apparently slipped in a clause saying he retained sole ownership if the two divorced, a clause Jamie claims to know nothing about.

Jamie's attorney's filed a motion yesterday to admit the undoctored marital property agreement as evidence in the upcoming divorce trial, and things are not looking good for Frank, mainly because he and one of his lawyers, Lawrence Silverstein, have "admitted that there were, in fact, two versions of the document," though they chalk up the discrepancies to "typographical" and "clerical" errors. It is one hell of a typo that mistakenly deeds an entire freaking baseball team to someone else.


So score one for Jamie McCourt today. She's likely to have her motion granted and walk into court for the divorce trial with her ownership claims in order and backed up by various legal documents, and we will go on enjoying one of the best, most entertaining sports breakups since Andre Rison and Left Eye.

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