Some people find Jason Whitlock provocative and daring. Some find him a lazy, unhinged boor who pretends sportswriting is some sort of professional wrestling/UFC roleplaying game, with Twitter as his personal version of the octagon. Which are you?

Well, everybody has their own take on Whitlock, but one thing nobody denies is that he's a smart person — whether he acts intelligent is what's up for debate — who loves to mix it up with Deadspin (and the world, really) at every opportunity. I won't say anymore, because I have feuded with Mr. Whitlock myself, and I do not have the stomach for it. He, quite obviously, does.

But: Is Jason Whitlock a Deadspin Hall of Famer?

Get your Becky on, people. You decide. Seventy five percent is the threshold for induction. Vote below: Polls will be open through Labor Day.