With the help of a hand and some strings, this one speaks for itself.

I now cede this space to La Comay.

Retired second baseman Roberto Alomar's marriage to Maripily Rivera was big news in their native land last year. And now their split, just 14 months later? Epic.

It doesn't hurt that the breakup plays like a telenovela, with allegations of hot heads, hot cars and hot bods in skimpy T-shirts swirling around the couple. He's keeping a low profile. She's giving interviews to Puerto Rico's top-rated TV show, hosted by a puppet. ...

TV reporter Jay and others have flown to Tampa three times in two months to cover the couple's court hearings. Jay works for Super Xclusivo, Puerto Rico's No. 1 show, which features a puppet named La Comay ("The Godmother" in its loose English translation) dishing gossip about public figures.

Feeling slighted by other media outlets' portrayal of her as a gold-digger instead of a victim, Maripily has given the show exclusive interviews. In August, Jay's one-hour special on the Alomar saga drew more viewers than any other show that month. [TampaBay.com] (H/T Colleen)