In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like the 2011 Nationals diehards, who, if they buy two season tickets, will get two free. Now if only someone can find three other Nats fans.

I had to read the fine print on this, because I couldn't believe it. But it's legit. If you put down a deposit for two season tickets for next year, they will give you another two full-season tickets. No catch. I know, I know, I sound like a shill for the Nats. But these prices are insane.


I guess the first sign of trouble was the player featured on the above graphic. It's Ryan Zimmerman. Quality player. Parents should be proud. But probably not the greatest enticement to get people to lay out thousands of dollars to watch a last place team. (I'm like 90 percent sure that's Ryan, and not excellent young arm Jordan Zimmermann. If it's Jordan, they spelled his last name wrong, and they're picturing a pitcher at bat for some reason. But I wouldn't put it past them.)

The second casualty of Stephen Strasburg's going down, after Strasburg himself, is fan interest in the Nats. These are the results. Next year, we'll learn if it's hyperbole when someone says "they can't give tickets away."

Deal not sweet enough? But wait, there's more! Put down your deposit now, and you'll get tickets to every remaining 2010 game, just for the hell of it.