We said it's time to let the MSU/ND game go. Matt Patrick, of a South Bend talk radio station, should probably have read us before he insinuated that God struck Dantonio down for cheating against the Catholics.

Of course, Dantonio's fine, just a minor heart attack, and Patrick of 95.3MNC, seems to be happy about that. He doesn't want Dantonio dead. Just, you know, laid up for a while for daring to let the referees get away with letting him snap the ball a fifth of a second after time expired.

You mess around with the Fighting Irish, you cheat on the last play of the game — overtime — and beat the Irish? (Points to the sky) God's gonna get you."

Christ. (No pun intended.) I know it can be miserable having to fill three hours of airtime every day, especially in Michiana where there's not a hell of a lot to talk about, but resorting to Old Testament vengeance over a dumb football game is so far beyond the pale as to be more laughable than offensive.


The station's GM doesn't need to fire or suspend Patrick, who has already apologized. He just needs to call him into the office, smack him with a rolled up newspaper, and ask "What the fuck were you thinking?"