When last we left Sarah Donaldson, she was singlehandedly costing the Phillies the World Series and completely failing to understand how YouTube works. Well, she's looking to get back into the performing biz. Maybe we can help!

Sarah first burst onto the scene with her earthshaking rendition of "I Gotta Pheeling", posted on YouTube. We found it, posted it, and she was not pleased. She showed up in our comment section, first complaining that we had illegally stolen her video, then maintaining that we had forced her to use her real name as her comment account.


Even her poor lawyer got involved, doing his due diligence because that's his job. A sample of the broken man's emails:

Can you just take the damn thing down? Game 6 is a few hours away and I want to go home to hang out with my Labradors for a few hours before the game. I do not want to spend the time writing a brief for an injunction and temporary restraining order. She made a mistake, let it go. Please do me this favor.

Finally, Sarah ended the commotion by taking down her own YouTube video, which she could have done from the start. That was the end, until we were alerted to her new web site.


Seems she's trying to get back into the entertainment business, and is looking for representation. Perhaps there is a segment of Deadspin LLP that focuses on talent management? Look what you'd be getting:


Former ICM Music Talent and TV Talent Assistant, Former Entertainment Coordinator for Harrah's Entertainment (Atlantic City Operations), Costume and Stage Management, Former Treasurer of Center Stage at CUA, Best Actress Award: MMMT, Reads Music, Excellent Memorization and Organizational Skills, Loves Kids, Choreographs, Public Speaking Awards, Promotional Modeling, Special Events Dancer, Guttural Scream, Belches on Cue, Crazy Donald Duck Impression, Fran Drescher Laugh, and... Willing to Kiss Attractive Men!


She's no stranger to the big screen, having landed 11 film roles — in one of which her character was actually named! (Note: I am not including "300 lb. Afro. Amer. Prostitute.")

So maybe we can help the very talented Ms. Donaldson finally claim her birthright and hit it big in Hollywood. Or, you know, at least mine her site for humor and post it in the comments.


(Hat Tipping to Patrick B.)