In a perfect world, this here should be a "Here's Video From Gate 42, Section U-1, Row 1, Seats 3-8 of Bryant-Denny Stadium Showing Gator Fan/Quad-Karate Master Meeting Up With The Retards He Taunted Last Week."

But it's not. This might could be for one of two possible reasons:

1. Alabama fans turned out to be pussies that won't stand up for themselves after all or


2. Quad-Karate Master (who apparently closed off public access to last week's performance) really was probation-prohibited from crossing state lines.

So, whatever. Screw you, Quad-Karate Guy for not getting for face bashed in and your girl called out for butterfacery. And screw you, Alabama fans, for not sending me video of someone who even resembles Quad-Karate Guy sopping up tooth blood with a Tebow throwback. Both sides should be ashamed of themselves, mmmhmm.

Tide 34, Gators 20.

Do it for Prothro.


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