Well, if Linda McMahon's Facebook page is to be believed, she's unleashing a practitioner of the "Inverted Indian deathlock" on the voters of Fairfield, Ct. this morning.

As it has been widely reported among the wrestling media, Triple H's current role with WWE was officially formalized in an executive position as he is now working in the office in Stamford, CT (he was recently given a new office). His new official title is Senior Adviser, basically meaning he is working directly under Vince McMahon reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

One source noted that the role he has right now is basically the same role he has been doing for almost the last decade as one of McMahon's main advisers on the wrestling end of the business. The new title officially formalizes his position with the company in a corporate capacity. This all but seems to confirm discussion that if and when Vince steps down that Triple H and Stephane McMahon will be the ones in large control of the company, more specifically on the creative end. [Wrestleview.com]

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