A Lithuanian company — the name of which is pronounced Ooh La La — has big plans. Specifically, they're trying to open a vacation resort in the Maldives at which the workers are all blonde.

This includes the pilots. Which makes perfect sense.

Olialia is run and staffed by blonde women, and already operates in 75 different business sectors, making products from computer software and food products to pop music. Olialia's blonde managing director, Giedre Pukiene, says she wants to break the stereotype that blonde women are less intelligent.

"Our girls are very smart and they have degrees," she says. "All of them want to do something with their lives. They have lots of business ideas."

You betcha non-blondes are bitching about it, namely that such a hiring philosophy violates European Union employment law, but Pukiene counters that hers is a non-discriminatory company.

"We find that when women with dark hair work here, they are surrounded by all these beautiful blondes, so eventually they end up going blonde too," she said.


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