It's no secret that Mark Cuban is involved in the entertainment business through his production company 2929 Entertainment. The company's been involved with a host of different projects, from the prestige-piece Good Night, and Good Luck, to, uh, to the Nash Bridges-esque.

Yes, the CBS police drama your grandmothers liked where Don Johnson and Cheech Marin cruised the streets of San Francisco in a Barracuda, solving crimes and taking names, was one of the properties that Cuban's company owned. 2929 is now part of a settlement that will net Johnson $51-plus million after the actor—a co-owner of the show—successfully argued in court that Nash Bridges made a ridiculous amount of money in international reruns, money that was not shared with him. I repeat: Nash Bridges is popular enough abroad to lead to $50 million settlements.

Following the decision, Johnson had this to say, "Nash Bridges was my idea. Mark Cuban's company and [the other parties involved] took all the profits from the show's syndication. I feel vindicated that they are all being held responsible."

So, you have Mark Cuban partly to blame when Don Johnson releases a new album.

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