Win 17 Emmys, and no one calls you "Emmy-winner" Neil Goldberg. Head ESPN's NASCAR coverage, and no one calls you "motorsports guru" Neil Goldberg. But stand on a stool to masturbate to a woman getting dressed just once...

Central Connecticut is boring; we get it. But there really must be better things to do. Goldberg, the WWL's senior motorsports producer, turned himself in on a warrant yesterday after a woman walking her dog spotted him in an unusual position.


Goldberg was allegedly standing on a stool outside a neighbor's window, peering through the glass and furiously masturbating. (Note: there's no description of the masturbation, but I'm assuming all peeping toms do it furiously.)

He's charged with public indecency, trespassing, disorderly conduct and breach of peace, which are all fancy words meaning, you know, jacking it in the bushes.

ESPN Producer Peered In Neighbor's Window While Woman Got Dressed, Farmington Police Say [Hartford Courant]