Certain outlets have taken this story and run with it; others have refused to touch it with a four-inch pole. Here's how the media is, erm, handling Brett Favre's junk.

•The New York Post stuck it on the front page (the story, not the penis), thanks to Deadspin's new best friend Brian Costello.


•FOX News is all over this one. (Featuring bonus AJ on television!)

•The Star Tribune attempted to bury the story in their gossip pages (an excellent rundown, by the way), but apparently failed as it's been the most popular story on the site all day.


•Bill Simmons says he's "going to make it through 2010 without seeing Greg Oden's penis, Brett Favre's penis or "Avatar." But he's also never seen The Big Lebowski (and he's proud of it), so his opinions are invalid.

•Holy crap, even Peter King slipped a mention in his column (about halfway down the page). Hi Peter!

•Jason Whitlock is one of the few people who gets the real story: that one NFL and Jets employee sexually harassed another, so what are the league and the team going to do about it?


•Stephen A. Smith took to Twitter to weigh in, opining that we shouldn't have covered this because "it ain't right" and "we've all chased honies."

•All Things Digital goes into the financial side, figuring out that we won't make money off of this. We do it for the love, people.

•Business Insider goes one further, trying to uncover just how much we paid for the scoop.


•CBS News calls us a "no-holds-barred" site, better than the original copy, "all-dongs-bared."

•The New York Daily News followed up with the Jets, who are pleading ignorance on this one.

•KTLA wrote it up, because the Los Angeles media is desperate for their own football team to tear down.