Here are 10 links to what guys and gals with keyboards are saying before NLCS Game 2.

• Post-game thread: Giants win Game One of the NLCS [McCovey Chronicles]

• Tonight, the Giants will take on Roy Oswalt in Game Two of the NLCS. Oswalt is 1-3 against the Giants this year, but don't let that fool you, he's pitched strongly against the Giants. In four starts against the Giants in 2010, Oswalt has thrown 27 innings, allowed 25 hits, struck out 22 batters, walked 3, and allowed 3 earned runs. [Bay City Ball]


• Don't even get me started on the knob slobbing the Phillies have received from pretty much anybody with a keyboard or production studio. It wasn't even a question of if the Phillies would win the series – it was in how few of games. All ten "experts" from CRAP ESPN picked the Phillies. All ten. Not a single one felt the Giants had a shot.
Good call so far, dickwipes. [Frisco Fastball]

• I like the way Mike Fontenot is playing, and the Giants are winning, so it's tough to really complain about what lineup Bochy is using, but I'd really like to see Pablo Sandoval, who if they can manage to get hot could have a big impact on this series, put together a few at-bats. [Giants Baseball Blog]

• Game one of the National League Championship Series went to the San Francisco Giants 4-3, as they continue walking a torturous tightrope in their unbelievable quest to win the 2010 World Series. [The Giants Cove]

• Quotable: Jimmy Rollins Says He's Close [The 700 Level]

• As a unit, the Phillies left seven men on base, missing several opportunities to overcome the so-so performance from Halladay. [Phillies Nation]


• The razor-thin margin between defeat and victory in last night's game is probably more evident to all of us today because over the last two-plus post-seasons, the bounces almost always have gone our way. [The Good Phight]

• We had a live blog going last night here at FightinPhillies, and we'll do it again for Game 2 tonight. [FightinPhillies]

• There's going to be a vocal minority that says "Ryan Howard should be in the batting cage," and while that's not realistic, joining Siragusa may not have been the right move by Howard and the Phillies. [Crossing Broad]

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