Brian posted this in Wake Up yesterday, but this needs to be seen again and pored over like the Zapruder Tape. Let's theorize, shall we?

1) This guy had to puke and the field was closer than the nearest bathroom. It was only a coincidence that this occurred during a foul ball play. However, it's pretty weird if he timed the puking to occur with such a play. As we all know, Phillies fans have been known to deploy strategic regurgitation.

2) This man rushed from his seat for a chance to snag a foul ball during a playoff game but became so overcome with nerves—what if I mess up, what if I get it, what do I do with the cameras on me, etc—that he vomited due to panic induced foul ball anxiety. This option is much funnier.


So, we're calling in the I-Team on this one. Find this man, I-Team. We want to hear his story.