This picture, snapped sometime before Saturday's Ohio State-Wisconsin game, is so, so bad, it has to be a joke. Right?

I'm not sure if you're aware, but Madison—where the Badgers call home—has a bit of a reputation as a party town. College football games tend to be "pre-gamed" by the attendees, turning said party town into a madhouse which can lead to dire consequnces. But, the ol' jug of sangria has to be a joke, right? Like, "HA, HA, get it? We're drinking a jug of sangria to get ripped for the game." A bunch of Mumm's would have been too obvious. And the too-clever by half t-shirt? This is all ironic, right? "HA, HA, let's pretend to be amped about his football game with profanity and silk-screening!"

Or is this legit and I need to reevaluate my Wisconsin stereotypes? Is this what happens in that state now? Do they not all like wave runners—call them jet skis!—Kopp's/Culver's debates, the Bong Recreation Center sign, gentle ribbing about Jeffrey Dahmer, and the Violent Femmes? Could it be that this young man genuinely takes the Wisconsin-Ohio State rivalry seriously enough to make—or at the very least purchase—such a shirt and then go and get tore up on some cheap—only twelve bucks!—sangria on a crisp autumn day? One can hope.

Wisconsin beat that bunch of cocksuckers, 31-18.

Excuse me, but what's a CUCKSOCKER? [Midwest Sports Fans]