If you haven't already heard from Buck and McCarver that San Francisco's Cody Ross grew up with the dream of becoming a rodeo clown, these writers are here to hammer it into you with close, dull blows to the head.

Cash Kruth and Chris Haft, MLB.com:

For the uninitiated, a rodeo clown distracts a bull from a fallen rider. This naturally puts the clown at great risk. So there's nothing funny about the job


Hal Bodley, MLB:

Ross, almost like climbing on a horse to entertain the crowd, quickly rebuilt his career.

John Lott, National Post:

These days, Ross needs no greasepaint.

Janie Mccauley, AP, gives us a full dosage:

It's the first time many of the Giants have gone this far — this is Ross' first rodeo, too.


He made the career change to baseball around age 10. No clowning around.


It's been quite a ride for Ross this year.

Fox Sports headline:

Ross isn't clowning around in playoffs

Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun:

This wasn't his first rodeo.

Steve Henson, Yahoo!:

Giants hero Cody Ross isn't clowning around


Unless, it turns out, the hitter is as fearless as a rodeo clown.

And Cam Inman, Silicon Valley Mercury News, gets snarky:

Any Giants bats other than Cody Ross coming to this rodeo?