I love (and regularly wager on) Mites on Ice, when they let a bunch of kids play hockey during intermissions. But these little tykes at Tuesday's Capitals game set a new standard for awwww with their team goal celebration.

Possibly even cuter is how the players, completely independently of each other, decided to go the snow angel route. From the youth team's coach, via the inestimable Puck Daddy.

The Caps officials were pumping up the young players, talking about how big goal celebrations are encouraged in the between-periods amusement. "They were giving examples of what they could do to celebrate, and one of them said, 'You know, nobody has ever done a snow angel before. I'd love to see a snow angel. If anybody scores and does a snow angel, you'll get the game puck,'" recalled Potter.

"I think they misunderstood and they thought if anybody does a snow angel they get a game puck, not just the scorer," he said. "If you notice, a couple of players from the other team are doing it too."

How precious. I kind of wish an NHL team would put this one into their repertoire. It'd make Don Cherry's head explode.

Video: The most adorable youth hockey goal celebration ever? [Puck Daddy]