ESPN The Magazine is using Marvel Comics covers to preview the NBA season. A lot of them are pretty neat. But did they really have to cockpunch Cavs fans here too?

Each team gets a drawing in the Marvel style, and it goes a long way in hyping the fans up. Kobe with the Infinity Gauntlet? Badass. The Heat warding off the rest of the NBA with Captain America's shields? Very cool. Hell, even the woeful Nets have Mikhail Prokhorov as the all-powerful Devourer of Worlds.


Basically, just about every team is made to look like they're going to be awesome. Every team but Cleveland. Recreating a classic Spider-Man cover, it shows LeBron walking away in a Heat uni, his Cavs jersey dumped in a trash can. Yes, this is what happened. Yes, it's going to be a shitty season in Cleveland. But when you're going out of your way to make every team look formidable — even the Pistons, for god's sake — it just seems low to keep rubbing it in.

Meh, it could be worse I guess. Look at the Kings cover.