Well, it's back to Roy Oswalt vs. Jonathan Sanchez again. Giants advance or Phils force an NLCS Game 7, something that didn't come to pass in '08 or '09.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Close-out games have not been kind to the Giants, as fans from any generation in the team's San Francisco history can remind you. From the final game of the 1962 World Series to the last two games of the 1987 NLCS to the last two games of the 2002 Series, the tradition isn't rich.
They're 4-6 when they have a chance to win a series.
Leaving town with a 3-2 edge is particularly gruesome, considering the St. Louis and Anaheim nightmares of '87 and '02. Now the Giants will give it another whirl, leading 3-2 following Thursday's failure to put away the Phillies in five.
"There's nobody on the club that wanted to get on that six-hour flight," Aubrey Huff said. "We've won a game in Philly. We know how to play them. We've played well on the road. They've got to beat us twice in two games. If someone told us we'd be up 3-2 going into Philly before this series started, I think everyone in this clubhouse would take it."

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

All the clichés, all the little mental tricks really do help at times like this. The Phillies are finished if they lose one measly baseball game. Their big promising postseason with three ace pitchers will be fruitless.
But they don't see it that way. They can't.
The way they see it, they have already won 102 baseball games in 2010. They have to win just two more to go to the World Series. That is a terrific opportunity, a situation every team in baseball would sign on for at the start of spring training.
Can they beat the Giants twice? Well, sure. They already have.

(Photos from Game 2, philly.com)