Here are 9 links to what guys and gals with keyboards are saying before NLCS Game 6.

• One side of your brain knows that a team with a 3-2 advantage is still a substantial favorite in a seven-game series. That's the side that knows that of the nine times they've seen Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels this season, the Giants have won seven of those games. [McCovey Chronicles]


• Jonathan Sanchez, is very confident: "It's going to be great to get to the World Series. Never been there. We've got a lot of guys on the team that have never been there, and to be able to do that, it's going to be something special for me." [Crossing Broad]

• With [Thursday] night's 4-2 loss, the Giants will now head into the heart of darkness - Philadelphia - to try and win one game over the remaining 2. Even with the Giants leading the series three games to Philly's two, I can't say I'm appeased by the thought of trying to win in Philly. [Bay City Ball]

• The Giants had a really strong rotation, no obvious personalities to hate, and some interesting characters in their makeshift lineup. Not anymore though. I hate 'em. I hate them all. And with Game 6 tomorrow, I look forward to watching the Phillies once more annihilate this ragtag team of losers. How can I hate this bunch? Easy ... [The Good Phight]


• I'd have to think we might have saw the last of Sandoval (other than a late inning sub) unless the Giants return to San Francisco for Game 1 of the World Series. Even though he's been hitting (kinda…) his defensive issues have clearly cost the Giants and he's become too much of a liability at third. [Frisco Fastball]

• Back in Philadelphia on Friday, game 6 starter Roy Oswalt was asked whether at this point in the season the game was more mental or physical. Roy says it's all about momentum and the Fightins have found a bit of it. [The 700 Level]

• Now, I'm confident this team will rebound offensively against Oswalt, who shut them down in game 2, but had to pitch in relief in Wednesday's game and threw over 20 pitches in that outing. I think the Giants are ready for him this time around. The thing I'm worried about, and the area that was pointed out after game 2's loss, was the Giants defense. They don't have the firepower to hang with Philly when they commit costly mistakes and errors like they did Thursday. [Giants Baseball Blog]

• For your personal amusement: an LOLGiants compilation [The Fightins]

• "Staff members at Lefty O'Doul's are preparing to serve more than 3,000 eggs to hundreds of Giants fans expected to drop in for an early breakfast." – Yesterday, that was Bay City News sharing how Lefty O'Douls might have jinxed the Giants by planning a big pennant victory breakfast this morning from 7am to 11am. Oops.
There are even balloons and banners still hanging outside (in the rain, now), and one of the Chambers Brothers was going to perform "Giants Time Has Come Today."
For what it's worth, the breakfast has been moved to Sunday morning in anticipation of a Saturday win. [Inside Scoop SF]